I have abducted two frogs from my Dads house in Cheadle. They should be 'ard enough to deal with the slugs. I have decided to go with a kind of star pattern, radiating out from the pond, hoping that the pond creatures will spread out at night and annihilate the sluggy vermin!
What is it about the soil on the allotments that twitch and docks love? Probably exactly what makes the soil so good. Now that we've had some rain it's really easy digging but despite the ploughing a couple of weeks ago, progress is hampered by the myriad of weeds.
The hens (Princess Leia and the Heckachicas) are settling in well and laying just over a dozen eggs a week but I really need to improve and expand their run.
Had some help from the 'Dream Team' last night, which resulted in a full bed of brassicas... Photos coming soon. I also learned quite a few tips, some of which, I have forgotten already. Please feel free to post any hints and tips in comments or on the forum!  Cheers guys!


    Simon Johnson

    Plot 15 (The Big Brother Allotment)
    Farm On The Hill


    June 2011