some photos :-) x

and if anyone knows of anyone that wants an allotment we have a couple spare this year :-) x
best wishes

Happy New Year allotment people ! :-) :-)

may it be an abundant year for you all! happy growing xxxx

Some photos of the last couple of months .......

all in all quite an eventful few weeks in photo! :-)
The polytunnel is no more but the eternal optimist in me has decided that this is a very good thing! The ground is now enjoying a much needed dose of outside ness and is very much looking forward to some real rain water! :-) .....besides it never was in quite the right position......
;-) xxx

best wishes x
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Just read an article on the Landshare website about how a community allotments has potentially led to a decrease in Anti-social behaviour by 51%.......
if you'd like to have a look here's the link:
Landshare Article on Allotments Reducing Anti-Social Behaviour
Just realised thats its been a month since i updated this blog!! The woodland has definately been distracting to say the least!!! :-) :-)
LIfe on the allotments has changed quite dramatically this year...we now have 40 allotments instead of last years 20 and you can feel the difference. The field is now a hive of activity...totally beautiful, you can hear voices and laughter, people are meeting each other, making friends, the new plots are already starting to looked loved, each taking on its own style...i really love it! so very glad we opened allotments!!!
a few pictures of allotments so far....will add more later...i tried to take loads last night but the battery went down on the camera!!! :-):-)

The new allotments are now open and a few dedicated wind-swept allotmenteers have begun marking out and weeding! :-)
We now have a total of 40 allotments on the farm, with more to come in the future, its going to be quite a hive of activity on the hill this year!
Everyone i have met so far has been amazing, another truly great set of allotmenteers...there's something about people who grow veg!!! :-) :-)
good luck with the new season everyone, and looking forward to getting to know you better :-)
 George has been busy digging in a water pipe for the new allotments... still hoping to open February 1st !!!!
George hard at work :-)
see! :-)