A little late with the blog this week!!.... my apologies but i've been so busy being busy!

So....the week/last 10 days in brief.....:-)
  • Allotmenteers and campers in the snow (see the pictures for proof!!!!) Yes it's true, nothing will stop them, not even snow!!! Valient allotmenteers (namely chris and ian!) were spotted working in their plot in the snow on the same day as a family came to stay on the campsite, impressive!!
  • the snow led to the discovery of another badger's set on the farm.`We love badgers here at the farm and were very pleased to see signs of another set, especialy in todays climate where badgers are so often persecuted by farmers.
  • We harvested a wonderful crop of willow rods for weaving.This is the second year of harvest and the rods produced were beautiful, strong, long and vibrant in their colours, very exciting as this is the first year there have been enough to weave with. I have just completed (today) my first ever woven willow basket, it's a harvest basket for gathering herbs in, it's slightly wonky, but i love it!! (see the photo :-) )
  • One of the main highlights of the week has been taking my first steps in the art of cow husbandry under the expert tutorlage of my dad and Margaret :-) Naturally vegetables are my thing, i've always found cows rather large and slighty scary (yes i know farmer's daughters are not supposed to say that but...... its logic...they're huge!). So this week i decided to face my fears and spend some time getting to know the cows and learning how to look after them. My dad is brilliant with cows, he truly loves them; he hugs them, kisses them, chats to them, and even rides them (see photo! ). This week's piece of advise; 'get to know their back ends first!' Cows like you to stroke/scratch the top of their tails; this feels good to them and is non confrontational, allowing them to get to know you in their own time. Previously i had tried to stroke their heads, but this can be frightening to cows as it involves you coming towards them, making eye contact and reaching your hand out near their faces.
  • I made my first attempts to drectly communicate with the plants :-) I've always felt quite connected to the plants i grow, often getting 'feelings' when i work with them about what they would like etc. So this week i decided to start talking to them direct. I've read much about nature spirits and plant communication and gardens such as Findhorn in Scotland over the years, but never tried it myself....i guess i've always felt a bit silly or perhaps just didn't believe i could!!!! But this week i did and now there's no stopping me!!! I spent a good hour talking to the willow`plants, they gave me great advice about planting them, looking after them and reminded me to still view them as living things even after i had cut them for harvest, it felt great, respectful, and made me so excited that ever since i have been wandering around chatting to everything!!! So if you see me talking away, seemingly to myself,  i haven't gone mad, or perhaps i really have! :-) :-)
oh and we harvested some roots for dandelion coffee......I will let you know how that turns out next time! :-)
all in all another fantastic week <3
best wishes xxxx



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